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Helpful Hints for Loan Signing 
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Helpful Hints for Loan Signing
At Start Up List of Needs: to be a notary public part or full time.
   Notary Licence - Each state has their own requirements.  Find out what yours are.
   Notary Insurance and Bond -

Back Dating docs - DON"T EVER DO IT, NO MATTER WHO ASKS YOU TO.  NOT EVEN A GOVERNMENT AGENCY.  Your license is worth more than they are paying you to lie.  You could lose your license and/or go to jail.  There is no Statue of Limitations on documents. The person asking you to do it is not thinking about the consequence.

Be On Time - Most companies ask you to be their early but be aware:  
   Some borrowers will not open the door one second before the time.
   Some borrowers will be on the phone to the loan or escrow company at the exact moment you are suppose to be there, if you aren't.
   Some borrowers will make an appointment and expect you to be on time, and wait for them to get there (or open the door) when they get around to it.
   Some borrowers will expect you to be on time even if one of the signers is still driving home in traffic.   In that case you have to ask when the other signer is expected to arrive.
   Some borrowers will get very nervous if you sit in your car outside of their house before or after the signing.
   Ringing the door bell at 3 minutes before the signing appointment time is a good time.
   When you confirm the appointment  say the time, "but I might be plus or minus 15 minutes depending on traffic.  Is that okay?"  If the person is going to have a problem you should be able to hear it in their voice and in that case just plan to show up early.   
   You need a driving plan that will get you there on time or a ten minutes early.  If you get stuck in traffic or you know you are going to be late, CALL the 
   If you leave to get to the appointment late, you are going to be late.  CALL the borrower.
   If you wrote down the directions wrong or get lost, CALL the borrower and tell they you will be late.
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   People hate not knowing what is going on more then if they know someone will be late.               

Confirm The Appointment - Unless you are told not to.    The purpose of calling is:
   Introduce yourself by phone to the borrower and make them feel more comfortable about you before they see your face.  
   Verify that the borrower(s) know about the appointment.
   Verify that the borrower(s) will be in for the appointment.
   Verify that you have the right address for the meeting.
   Verify that you have the name of the business if you are not meeting at their home.
   Verify that the borrowers will both be present or is the borrower married. (read Precheck The Doc)
   Verify that the borrower(s) have a driver's license or some suitable identification (per your state)
   Ask if the borrower is expecting to bring in funds.  You can call with the amount when you get it.
   If your order tell you to get a copy of the identification, ask the borrower if they will be able to make a copy or not so you can make the necessary arrangements.  (read Copy of ID)
   Check your order to see if there is anything else you need to ask the borrower for.  e.g. paycheck stubs, rental agreements, original power of attorney, letter of...
   There are very few companies that don't want you to call ahead.  But there are a few of them that have already spoken to the borrower and made the appointment and don't want you to bother them again.
    If you have to leave a message on a voice mail try something like this:
                  Hello,  This is ___
your first and last name____.  I'm the notary here in ___area or city___ who has your loan papers.  There is an appointment set for you to sign the loan docs __today or on day of week__, the __date__ at __time__.  Before I print the docs I need you to call me to confirm that you know about this appointment; that it is a good time for you and that I have the correct address to meet. Please call me at 1(___)___-____ as soon as possible.  I will call the other phone number I have for you as well.
   Modify this to fit your situation.  If you get toung tied when on the phone, keep a copy of the words by the phone where you call  make your calls.  Each time you call, write a little note of what happened and the time by each phone number you use.  
Confirmed if you get through and check everytthing.
LM 9:15a            means Left Message at 9:15 am  
H                          means house phone with home type answering machine
C                          means cell phone, you may need to call again it is good to know which is a cell
W                         means work number, if you get an extention, write it down
NA                       means no answer or no answering machine or full mailbox that wouldn't take a message
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CB  after 7p       means Call Back after 7:00pm                                                                                                   

Copy of ID (Identification) -  Some companies want a copy some do NOT want you to get a copy.
  1) Ask the borrower(s) to make a copy of the driver's license(s) or identification(s) first.
  2) If they say they can't here are some options:
        a) They have a fax machine that will fax a copy to escrow.
        b) They can go to a library or copy center before the appointment.
        c) They can take a picture of their ID with their phone and text or email it to you.
        d) You can take a picture of their ID with your phone and email it to yourself.       
              From an email you can:
                    1) You can download it at your office and make a copy to send with the docs.
                    2) Or you send the photos as an email directly to the escrow office.
You need a plan for this because most of the time you need to drop the doc off at the carrier before you return to the office or home/office.

Cost to become a Notary in each of the 50 States

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Bank Directories or Lists
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